Sophia and Chris

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How We Met

We met in 2006 while both working summer jobs at our local pool. On my very first day (of my first job ever!), Chris threw me into the pool, fully clothed, as part of my “initiation”. He pulled me out and drove me home to get new clothes immediately after :)

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how they asked

We remained close friends ever since that summer in 2006. Although it was clear that we were drawn to each other, the timing was just never right – until 2013. We were both single, and were both at a crossroads in our lives; I was looking into graduate school and Chris was contemplating leaving his career in finance. It was over our weekly Thursday night beer at a local pub that we decided to create a bucket list. Some of the items on the list were outrageous (“visit all seven continents”), while others were achievable (“spend an entire day in Central Park”). We were in agreement, however, that the number one wish on our list was a cross-country road trip. We researched day in and day out, mapped out our route, and packed our bags to begin our 3-week journey from California back to New York. The first day of our trip was spent in San Francisco, which included Lombard Street, Fishermans Wharff, and of course, The Golden Gate Bridge! It was while watching an exquisite sunset at the bridge that we talked about taking our relationship to the next level.

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It was also at that moment that I realized, undoubtedly, I was sitting next to the man I was going to marry. The road trip included camping at Yosemite Park, driving down the ‘Big Sur’California coast, camping at the Grand Canyon, exploring Mount Rushmore, etc., and was the most memorable time of our lives. It opened our eyes to our love of adventure and travel, which we vowed to never stop chasing.

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Four years and a hand full of adventures later, we had a vacation planned to Napa Valley when we decided we just had to stop in San Francisco again. On the first day of our trip, Chris brought me back to the exact spot overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes, and lucky for us, “be in a happy marriage”, is on the bucket list!

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