Sophia and Charlie

Image 5 of Sophia and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie had been privately coaching my mom and my younger brothers for years. Although we had never met, we knew of each other. We had both been in different relationships, myself with a boy my parents were not very fond of. At this time, my mom had said, “I wish my daughter would date Charlie.” Fast forward about 5 years to when Charlie and I are both single. My mom had asked me to tag along with her to a cross country meet. Little did I know she had also texted Charlie and told him that I would be coming. We officially met for the first time on September 4th, 2020. Charlie messaged me on Instagram shortly after and our first date was on September 7th, 2020. The rest is history.

How They Asked

Charlie and I had been planning to have professional photos done since March. I scheduled the shoot for July 10th, intentionally the day before Charlie’s 30th birthday and just days after we would celebrate 10 months together. I had told my sister when I booked the shoot that this would be an ideal time for him to propose because then we would not have to worry about booking an engagement shoot. She said that my idea was too easy and that it should be done another time.

I spent all day getting ready for these photos. Made sure my outfit and hair were perfect without a single suspicion as to what the evening actually had in store for me. The funny part about this evening was that I had also been planning a surprise birthday party for Charlie, scheduled to take place after our photos, with all of his friends. My whole family had left for the night: my sister to a birthday party, my parents to a party at a friend’s house, and my brothers to see a movie. I should have known something was up.

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We arrived at our photo shoot location at the beautiful Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City and walked to meet the photographer. I saw her immediately and realized she was already taking photos of us while we were walking up but I thought maybe she was just testing the lighting or something. And then I saw it, or her, crouched behind an object in the distance. IT WAS MY SISTER who was supposedly at a birthday party for one of her friends. I said to Charlie “Why is Anabelle here?” and he just laughed. I then noticed a beautiful picnic area set up on the top of the hill near the photographer, complete with cozy blankets, colorful flowers, bubbly wine, and a beautiful charcuterie board. I immediately started crying, wondering what was happening.

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Charlie led me up to the picnic area, took the ring, and got down on one knee. It took him a while to get the question out because we were both crying. He said” I had a lot of sweet things to say but I’m just going to get this over with. Sophia, will you marry me?” Through tears and laughter, I said “YES!”

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We took our engagement photos and basked at the moment. He told me he also had an engagement party waiting for us when we were done. I had to tell him about his surprise birthday party which apparently he already knew about and had told all of his friends of the change in plans. We spent the evening being loved and celebrated by our families and friends.

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It was the sweetest day and I can not wait to marry this man.

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Special Thanks

Leah Gunn
 | Photographer
Anabelle Lindsey
 | Planning