Sophia and Brandon

Brandon Sophia 3How We Met: Brandon and I met in 2008 waiting tables at Middleton Tavern in downtown Annapolis, Maryland.  He was a budding musician in the local scene and I was trying to figure out what to do with my recently acquired degree in singing.  He was terrible at singing high notes back then, and always asked me how to fix them.  After a few months I got another job and quit.  We re-acquainted in 2010, when I started waiting tables again, as I worked towards my new dream of teaching music to kids.  Somehow in that two year lapse he learned to sing high notes beautifully. I was shocked!

I’m clumsy, but he made it worse.  He made me so nervous that I would constantly drop things and run into things when I was around him.  Naturally, he made fun of me.  With hours to kill at the restaurant, we started talking about our music tastes and shared songs we liked.  As our friendship progressed, our conversations became deep.  After work, we sat and talked for hours about our life-altering obsessions with music, our inadequacies about not having a “real job”, our views on life, and more about our utter obsessions with music.  Twice I found myself just talking to him until 5AM and not realizing the late hour.  At the time I was in a failing relationship, and Brandon was just a friend.

Many times after a few whiskeys,he called me to tell me we were meant to be together.  Every time, I shut him down and felt confused.  I apparently talked about him so much that all my friends and family referred to him as “that music friend.”  Then, he wrote a song with the most powerful lyrics repeated in delicate high notes …”Either or I am content just waiting for you.”  I’d like to think it was game over after that, but in reality it took a few months for me to come to my senses, to finally end the failing relationship and heal, and to realize that Brandon was my soulmate.  No one was surprised that we ended up together, and I am thankful for his wild yet charming persistence.

Brandon Sophia Proposal

how they asked: I came home from a rough day at work (teaching isn’t always pretty)and was greeted with a big smile, a hug, and an extremely excited puppy. He said, “Look! I got Stanley a new charm for his collar.” I bent down, rolled my eyes for a second because I thought he put a pair of fuzzy car dice on the dog, and then realized it was a ring box. The tears started flowing and I turned around to find him on one knee. I was so happy I forgot to say “Yes”! He said he proposed on his birthday because I would never expect it and he would never forget.