Sophia and Andrew

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Andrew and I were on a 2-week trip camping throughout the Southwest’s National Parks celebrating my birthday as well as my graduation with my masters. We were on our last leg of the trip throughout southern Utah when Andy surprised me with a stay at Under Canvas Zion. We decided to get a nice dinner instead of eating on the road as we had been and also dressed up for the occasion. We rocked up in the 111-degree heat and we’re eager to get inside. Andrew asked if I would mind going up to a high point at the venue to take a sunset picture before we sat down for dinner. There was a girl and two younger guys at the top of the hill taking pictures who we ended up asking to take ours with my own camera.

Sophia and Andrew's Engagement in Zion National Park

Sophia's Proposal in Zion National Park

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Andrew then asked me to marry him on the most beautiful little hill in the middle of Zion National Park’s beautiful mountains and valleys. The girl on top of the hill turned out to be a photographer that Andrew had found on Instagram and had flown in from Oregon.

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Special Thanks

Sydnee Sansone
 | Photographer