Sophia and Alphonso

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How We Met

I met Alphonso in the Fall of 2008. We were both studying Architecture at Georgia Tech. I was a grad student. He was an undergrad. I remember the first time I saw him – he stood up to introduce himself in front of an auditorium during an orientation. I noticed his height and gorgeous smile, but I wasn’t particularly interested. We began a friendship and it grew over time. After about a year, we began causually dating. As we spent the next few months enjoying each others’ company with quaint lunches in the park and day long dates exploring the city together, we suddenly fell into a relationship when he, in the middle of a random night, asked me to be his girlfriend. And we’ve been together, the best of friends, through the storms and the sunshine, since that night in August of 2009.

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how they asked

Seven years into the relationship, and after almost a year of separation, Alphonso and I started working on reconciliation. We had grown into different people over the years and were slowly learning how to truly love and appreciate one another. One chilly December afternoon, Alphonso set up a trip to Atlanta Botanical Gardens. A place we hadn’t been since the beginning of our relationship. As we arrived, I saw a friend who also happened to be a photographer, at the entrance. He had planned a couples photo-shoot as a Christmas gift to me. I was excited at the surprise but had no idea that this was just the beginning. We spent the afternoon taking pictures and rekindling something that I thought we’d lost. Alphonso was plotting on just the right moment. Towards the end of the day, we passed a quiet, secluded bench, and Alphonso noted that he had just one more pose that he wanted the photographer to capture.

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He dropped to one knee and pulled out a small box. I was caught completely off guard, totally surprised! He began his sentence with “best friend…” and I can’t recall the words after that. I covered my face with my hands in shock! He proposed, and I said yes!!!

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