Sophia and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I grew up in the same hometown in Iowa. We actually met through mutual friends one year when I was in high school. After we met and started talking about our past and family, we found out that we had a lot more in common than we thought. My dad owned one of the only Chinese restaurants in the city and Alex’s family were regular customers who came in every Sunday after church. My dad would always come out to their table to greet his family and would sing to them in Mandarin whenever a birthday was celebrated. My grandparents also lived two doors down from Alex’s parents house. And his grandma actually owned the apartment complex that my parents lived in after I was born. Talk about fate! We started dating on March 16th, 2011 and both ended up graduating from Iowa State University together and are now living in San Francisco with our adorable kitty where we work and are starting our new chapter together.

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(At my prom in 2011)

how they asked

In January, my family decided to take a cruise to the Caribbean and invited my boyfriend (now fiancé) to join us. On the first formal dinner night, Alex told me he had a surprise for me and asked me to follow him. He ended up taking me to the highest level on the back of the ship at a gorgeous balcony, which overlooked the Gulf of Mexico. What most of our family and friends don’t know is that early in the beginning of our relationship, we both secretly admitted that Titantic was both of our favorite movie and that we also shared a favorite scene. It was a picture perfect sunset when he nervously whispered how much he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the perfect moment, with the most perfect man and ring. I truly did have my Jack and Rose moment!

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