Sophia and Adam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Franklin Falls, North Bend, WA

How They Asked

Adam started our Saturday morning by making a reservation for brunch. Throughout our five years of dating, he has never made a plan for anything. I kinda suspected something was up. After brunch, we took an hour drive outside of Seattle. He said we were pressed for time for our second thing so we needed to hurry. (I figured that must be the proposal). We parked and we were rushing to find the trail. He didn’t warn me to not wear heeled boots so the walk was eventful to say the least. After a mile, we arrived at a beautiful waterfall. He grabbed my hand, got down on one knee, and asked “Sweety, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I was surprised because I had thought the “second plan” was the proposal. We took a few pictures then raced back to the car. He handed me a letter with a speech he knew he wouldn’t be able to get out in the moment. Teary eyed we arrived at the second plan, which was a private helicopter ride around Seattle. I was so blown away by the entire day!!

Sophia and Adam's Engagement in Franklin Falls, North Bend, WA

Sophia's Proposal in Franklin Falls, North Bend, WA