Sonya and Nico

How We Met: Nico and I had a lot of things in common way before we got together. We went to the same High School (he was a year younger and I had no idea he existed). His older brother was my peer tutor for one of my classes. I also attended his after prom party, where I ended up losing my phone in the limo. The next morning, Nico and his best friend went on a mission to find my phone and got it back for me. Our best friends at the time were dating, so we were hanging out around each other a lot. The four of us always went bowling, to dinner, and always hung out at my friend’s house. Nico has hinted to my friend that he liked me and she mentioned it to me, but I never took it seriously. She always told me to keep an open mind. I guess it kind of stuck around in my head and I figured that I have nothing to lose and that I should try this out. I finally told her that I am going “to keep an open mind” about this and she was super excited. I guess she told him and then him and his best friend worked out a plan that would get Nico and I alone so that he could finally ask me out. I could totally tell what he was going to do, but none the less, I said yes. Neither of us can actually remember what we did on our first date (which was over 5 years ago). On March 24, 2010 we had our first kiss and that’s when we celebrate our anniversary!

how they asked: We’ve been dating for over 5 years, so naturally, we talked about getting engaged. We even went to look at rings together. We picked one out and I knew it was just a matter of time until it would happen. My 25th birthday was coming up. We planned a trip to Toronto, Canada (We live in Ottawa) to celebrate and to also visit my best friend Sofia. It has been an incredible time in my life because of a lot of good life events. I got a new job, I got my full driving license, and we just felt more in love than we have ever had. I told him that getting proposed to on my birthday would just top that list, but he quickly dismissed that idea, making me seem like there’s no way anything was going to happen then. Feeling a little sad, I just stared at the picture of my beautiful ring and hoped it can be really mine someday soon.

We planned to go to the Toronto Islands to see the beautiful view of the city. He told me the day before that he had everything planned out and to stick to his schedule. I agreed. We got to our hotel, got ready, and headed out to catch the ferry to the islands. He was acting so strange and I couldn’t figure out why. I kept asking if everything was ok because he did not look like himself. I felt bad so I stopped with the questions and figured he needs some space. Once we got off the boat, we headed to this little beach with an incredible view of the city. We took some selfies and then he suggested that we ask someone to take our picture. It was strange because I always have to ask him to take pictures with me and I’ve never seen him like this. He then said, “Oh, let me just ask this professional guy”. He was talking about the two photographers that were mysteriously on the same ferry as us and that were standing right beside us on the beach. The photographer then took Nico’s phone and took a picture of us. He went back to get his phone as I continued to take pictures of the gorgeous view. When he got back, he hugged me and then he looked at me. In that moment, before he even could say anything, I knew. I started crying and he got down on one knee. Neither of us could remember what he said but we both know that I definitely said YES!!!! He then told me that those photographers were here for us and we got to have a photo shoot right after we got engaged!! They were so lovely and I was so happy he had chosen them!! So incredibly thoughtful and sweet! After the shoot, we headed back to our hotel. I tried to stop for a tea and a souvenir shop, but he was set on going to the hotel ASAP. Once we got to our room, he handed me the key. It would not work so we had to go and get another one from the front desk. On the second try, I opened the door and could not believe my eyes. There were candles, rose pedals and crystals everywhere! There were flowers on the bed and a beautiful hand drawn note. Nico got my best friend, Sofia, to come to our room and set this up. I have literally never felt more loved and special. At this point, I lost it. Sobbing uncontrollably from this incredible amount of happiness. I couldn’t stop crying. To first, have experienced this crazy day and then, to find out my best friend also helped to make it even more amazing just blew me away. It was the best day and a great start to my 25th Birthday.Image 1 of Sonya and Nico Image 2 of Sonya and Nico Image 3 of Sonya and Nico Image 4 of Sonya and Nico Image 5 of Sonya and Nico Image 6 of Sonya and Nico Image 7 of Sonya and Nico Image 8 of Sonya and Nico Image 9 of Sonya and Nico Image 10 of Sonya and Nico Image 11 of Sonya and Nico Image 12 of Sonya and Nico Image 13 of Sonya and NicoImage 14 of Sonya and Nico


Photography by Mint to Be Photography