Sonya and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I have actually known each other since college even though we didn’t start dating until 3 years after we graduated. We grew up in neighboring towns and both attended Rutgers University. We had mutual friends and definitely saw each other regularly, however, we never said more than hello to each other during our entire 4 years in college!

We both graduated from school and started our careers. I continued to live in Freehold while Eric lived in Manalapan; 25 minutes away from each other. We may have seen each other once or twice after graduation- again just saying hello to each other.

Sonya and Eric's Engagement in Eric's Backyard

It wasn’t until August 2017 when we finally spoke to each other. I had gone to a New York Giants preseason game with friends and when I came home I had received a “SnapChat” from Eric. We are both HUGE football fans (remember this later for the proposal!) and he had snapped me asking me why I was at the Giants game if I was a Packers fan like him. Of course, he knew that I was a Giants fan but he knew it would grab my attention- and he was right! From that moment on, we talked EVERY day. It started with casual conversation about sports, to then more personal conversations, and eventually, Eric asked me on a date.

October 23rd, 2017, about 2 months after our first real conversation, Eric carved a pumpkin that said: “Be My Girlfriend?”. Of course, my answer was yes!

Proposal Ideas Eric's Backyard

How They Asked

Fast forward to February 3, 2019: For all I knew, I was going to Eric’s house with my family to watch the Super Bowl. As huge football fans, the Super Bowl is our FAVORITE day of the year! Every year his family hosts a party on Super Bowl Sunday. A couple of weeks prior Eric’s mom had texted my family asking if we would join this year; nothing out of the ordinary since our families liked to get together for holidays and such. So Sunday rolls around and Eric had asked if I could come earlier than my family to help set up- of course, I would. My mom and dad left early that day to run errands (or so I thought) and they told me they would meet me there. My sister, her husband, and two kids were going to meet us all there later as well.

I leave my house around 1:40 since I said I would be there by 2:00. I texted him to tell him I left my house like I always do and he responds “see you soon!”. I pull up at 2:00 and text him “Here”. Normally Eric will then meet me at the door or come out to the car to help me bring in whatever I was carrying. However, he answers me and tells me he was running to the bathroom and his sister will get the door. I think this is normal and start to head up his driveway. His sister greats me at the door and I immediately see football decorations around the house- SO CUTE! She tells me they also decorated the backyard for the Super Bowl since it was so nice out that day (60 degrees and sunny in February!). I follow her outside with not the slightest idea of what I was about to walk into.

I walk out onto Eric’s deck, take a few steps and realize Eric is standing there with this amazing setup of a football field! As I start walking towards him and looking at some of the decorations it hits me… OH MY GOD, he’s proposing! My love is standing in the middle of a football field filled with jerseys with OUR last name on it, a personalized game ball, goal posts, signs, rings, etc! I slip my phone in my pocket really quickly so that I’m not holding it during this moment. Then Eric begins this beautiful speech which I giggled through the entire thing (I’m known for laughing when I’m nervous- oops). He finally gets down on one knee, takes the ring out of a football and asks me to marry him. The best moment of my entire life!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Eric's Backyard

Our families then all appeared from below the deck with matching football shirts on, chanting “SHE SAID YES”. Having the people we love the most in the world share this experience with us was the icing on top of a perfect day. We are so lucky to have an amazing family to help prepare this unbelievable day. Apparently, I’m very difficult to hide things from and I never suspected anything, so thank you to everyone for throwing me off track and keeping this wonderful proposal a surprise!

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Being engaged to Eric is the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. May 29, 2020, we will officially be husband and wife!