Sonya and Brandon

How We Met

Sonya: We actually met on Bumble! I had gone on a couple of dates and was not having it. I decided he would be last guy I met (because he was so cute) before deleting the app and luckily he was the one!

Brandon: Bumble – we matched just a week before my 30th birthday! I remember I was really busy with work that week, and we had planned to go on a date during the work week. I actually had to cancel the initial date we planned because I had to stay late at the office. I Felt terrible having to do that, but we ended up rescheduling for the following Saturday. On our first date we talked for hours and it felt like minutes, and I remember towards the end of the night, I built up the courage to go in for a kiss. It was a good move apparently, we ended up heading to a local spot to go dancing. We ended hanging out the next day and went for a bike ride on the beach. From that point on, I don’t think we spent a single weekend apart. About three months in, we decided to go to Hawaii together. We probably should have know at that point something special was happening.

How They Asked

Sonya: We got engaged in the most beautiful place on earth, Four Seasons Bora Bora! The resort provided an activities list where I saw a photo session with Damien Gabron. I thought this would be a great time to do a maternity shoot as I’m 6 months pregnant. I planned the whole thing but little did I know Brandon and Damien had other plans. Brandon went the extra mile to really throw me off during the trip and it really was a total shock and surprise when he proposed! It was perfect and Damien captured the whole thing in real time, the photos are so special to us.

Brandon: We had a baby moon planned for Bora Bora, and I think leading up to the trip Sonya had a strong suspicion that I would propose while there. So my goal was to try to keep it a surprise somehow and someway. Towards the end of the trip however, she was convinced it wasn’t happening because our itinerary just didn’t seem to indicate there would be time for a proposal. But what she didn’t know is that I had coordinated with the photographer she hired for a maternity photoshoot to essentially “hijack” the photoshoot with a surprise proposal. Damien our photographer helped me hide the ring in his bag and we even had a code phrase (“I’m thirsty”) to distract her so I could grab the ring out of his bag while she was taking some solo photos. To say it went smoothly would be an understatement. When Sonya turned around from taking a few photos looking off into the distance, she saw me on one knee. She was completely surprised and shocked, and Damien captured the entire reaction with incredible pictures!


Special Thanks