Sonja and Sean

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How We Met

Sean and I knew of each other for years before we even decided to even think about dating each other. He bartended with one of my best friends. I remember going to one of his flare competitions to support him and thinking to myself that he was such a cutie! Although… I would have never admitted it to him or even my friend at the time. A couple of years passed and our mutual friend ended up moving states.

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She had this huge going away party and that’s when we saw each other again. We hung out briefly and after the party we told each other not to be strangers. We continued to talk after the party and Sean called me and said he had gotten tickets to a Vegas show and asked if I wanted to come. I thought about it for maybe 10 minutes and said why not! We booked our flights and we have been together ever since.

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How They Asked

Sean and I don’t take life too seriousso I thought his proposal was absolutely so perfect for us. We went to San Francisco for the new year and Sean’s original plan was to propose while our friends were still in town so they could share this memory with us and also take the photos of the proposal. We boarded our plane and of course, the flight was more than two hours delayed.

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Normally this is something we would totally laugh at and just grab another drink at the airport bar without a care in the world. Although this time when they told us our flight was delayed a couple of hours, Seans faced looked like he saw a ghost. I was like, “Woah are you okay???” He replied and he said, “yeah! But I just REALLY want to get there!” I just assumed he was really excited to be on vacation and to meet up with our friends.

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We eventually got into San Francisco and by the time we met up with our friends we only had about an hour with them before they had to leave for their flights. Sean seemed really bummed when we had sent them off and they went back to Arizona….. little did I know why. The next day (proposal day) Sean said we should get dressed up and take some Instagram photos for me.

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This shocked me because Sean is normally the type of guy to live in the moment and that last thing he thinks about is Instagram photos. I agreed and he took me to the Japanese friendship garden. He told me he looked it up and we can get the BEST photos here for Instagram. Which he kept making me laugh because not only was he willing to take Instagram photos but he actually took the time to look up a good spot to take photos. I thought it was actually super cute.

We had gone to breakfast before and Sean was literally shaking. I was worried and kept asking him if he was okay! We got to the friendship garden and I think Sean thought it was going to be much bigger than what it was. We had walked around the entire thing in less than 15 minutes. He kept saying, ” let’s go around one more time!!” And we went around it again. And I was like,” okay!! What’s next!!” I could tell Sean was really starting to Panic and he was frantically googling beautiful spots in San Francisco (this was his very first time being in the city).

We stumbled upon this beach that was facing the Golden Gate bridge. So we were off! we had gotten to the beach and he said let’s walk all the way down so we can take a nice photo! I agreed but also… I was wearing jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and booties and we were trekking through the sand to try to the end of the entire beach by the bridge. I finally said I’m so over it and I don’t really care about a photo at this point! I was literally sweating. He kept saying no!!! Please we are almost there!

So I was like finnnnne. We had reached the spot he wanted and he went up to two random girls at the beach and said please take some photos and also a video because I’m going to ask her to marry me. The two girls were facing me and I just saw their faces drop. In my head, I was like…. what in the world is going on…. Sean was SO nervous he was shaking, he kissed my forehead and said “bubs… I love you so much will you marry me” he said this before getting down on one knee and taking the ring out.

I look at him and at this point we are both crying. He then finally gets down on one knee and tries to pull out the ring in his coat jacket but he’s shaking so bad he can’t get it out. I’m just standing there laughing and he gets it out and I literally grab the ring and put it on myself. We couldn’t stop laughing. We get engaged and we noticed that people were naked…. on the beach….. Sean just proposed to me on a nude beach named bakers beach. It was so imperfectly perfect, just like our relationship. The absolute best way I could have imagined getting proposed to.

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Special Thanks

 | Helping Sean pick the ring