Sonia and Slim

Where to Propose in On the top of mountain

How They Asked

What I believed was a typical photoshoot, turned out to be an incredible, beautifully orchestrated surprise #proposal …. and the best day of my life! On the top of the mountain, while I stood there posing, I felt something strange was happening, I turned around, and that’s when he walked up and got down on one knee .. I WAS IN SHOCK and my reaction was mentally deranged … At that instant, I felt like the happiest girl on earth.

I am so excited to spend my life, figuring out life with you. ⁣ Not because you complete me; or make me feel like you are the missing piece to a broken puzzle in my life. ⁣ BUT because you make me feel like the strongest, most unstoppable version of myself.
⁣You’re better than anything I could ever dream of, I can’t wait to be your forever ❤ I love you completely! ⁣

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On the top of mountain