Sonia and Ryan

how we met

Ryan & I met in 2008! We are high school sweethearts, and met because we were in the same gym class. We exchanged numbers at the school dance and the rest was history.

how they asked

Fast-forward to July, 2018, Ryan knew I have always wanted to check out the Icon Orlando Eye Farris wheel and finally we got to it when I came down to Florida in July. I was still living in Toronto at the time, but always went up on long weekends, or when I had a chance. Ryan took me out that night, we had an awesome dinner with lots of wine, and we finally got to the Farris wheel. Ryan was adamant that at the top I needed to take a picture at the top, and I of course, thought nothing of it. It was sunset at the time we went up, and I had just snapped a picture of the sunset at the very top, when Ryan told me to turn around and had asked me to marry him.

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