Sonia and Jay

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How We Met

Jay and I have been together 11 years, we met our freshman year of high school and we started dating sophomore year. We have been together ever since, even doing long distance during college!

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How They Asked

We had originally planned on going to Italy in May of 2020, but when the pandemic hit we unfortunately had to cancel. Since I was still working through the pandemic and was extremely stressed constantly he convinced me to go on a trip to Seattle in August. My birthday was a month away, so he surprised me with a photoshoot (somehow convinced me it was a couples shoot birdwatching, lol even I don’t know how I fell for that). He hired the most amazing photographer who hiked us down to the most beautiful sight right near the waterfall. And dropped down on one knee and proposed. I obviously said YES! It was truly the most magical day of my life and I’m extremely lucky to have the most amazing fiancé.

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Special Thanks

Sasha Reiko
 | Photographer