Sonia and Dean

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How We Met

I had moved to Edmonton, Alberta for a job opportunity but little did I know I would be meeting the love of my life!!!

I had just moved to Edmonton and had found my own place. Only problem was it was missing furniture. I decided to google furniture stores in Edmonton, and I came across one which I thought had great product. As a friend and I were browsing the store we were approached by a HANDSOME Sales Associate who happened to have mutual friends with the friend I was with. The rest is history, we have been together ever since!!

how they asked

I don’t know where to start!

I am still in AWE with how they asked.

So we had not traveled and had a vacation from a LONG time. I decided the next long weekend after the Christmas holidays we would get away. With Dean having a business it was difficult for him to go for a long duration of time so I decided to look within Canada and something close to us. I came across Azuridge Estates and all I can say is WOW it was the perfect getaway nestled in the mountains with personal butlers ( what more can a girl ask for). I convinced Dean we had to go!

Along came February 13th he picked me up from work and off we went, it was about a 3 hr drive from Edmonton.

Upon arrival we were greeted by our personal butler with a signature drink and taken to there Tiger’s Eye Den lounge. We were amazed with the hotel and the architecture behind it. We were then advised the hotel had a special draw this weekend for Valentines Day, the lucky couple would be given a Helicopter tour into the Rocky Mountains. I am a very lucky person I usually when draws so I stated to Dean we would win!

The next morning at breakfast our waitress brought over an envelope on a shiny silver platter, I could believe it we had won the draw!!!

I was ecstatic and nervous all at the same time. Dean was hesitate he did not want to go on the tour and I also was scared of heights so I didn’t know how I would handle a Helicopter tour. But I convinced Dean once again we had to go this was a great opportunity plus it was FREE!! How can you decline!

February 14 2015:

Azuridge packed us a lunch and we headed over to the Helicopter tour base.

We were advised we would be having a tour in the Rockies and the helicopter would be landing so we could walk on the mountains. They had a catch though, they wanted to send a personal photographer with us because they were do marketing around the draw we had won. Dean once again was hesitate because he doesn’t like photos. Once again, I convinced him no no it will be amazing to have pictures in the mountains. Off we went into the mountains!

I was quite nervous because I was afraid of heights but at the same time it was so beautiful!!! The snow on the mountains were breath taking!

Upon landing we put on our snow shows and the photographer Jenny had us pose and take pictures. The photographer had to be turn around and face a mountain and when I turned around I was left speechless!!!

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The man of my dreams on one knee and holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life!!!

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I couldn’t believe it I was complete surprise and I couldn’t believe what was happening all I could do was yell YES YES YES x thousand.

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Dean went on to tell me, there was no draw and there was no marketing by the helicopter company. He has planned this surprise himself.

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He stated I had found the hotel and stay and it was the perfect opportunity to surprise me. So he set up a fake draw with the hotel and staff, even the paper which stated we had won a draw, had grammar mistakes which I did not notice at the time. As for the photographer, he had found Jenny online and had been in touch with her via emails ( not phone in case I had seen a call or text). He had never meet her and they had set up a signal with her( to wink at each other to acknowledge one another at the helicopter tour base, which I didn’t notice”.

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I still can not believe I was so oblivious but I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him!!

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