Sonia and BJ

Image 1 of Sonia and BJ

BJ and I met at my freshman orientation at The University of Alabama. We started dating in 2010 and on January 11, 2016 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl by the name of Emma into this world. We now reside in South Florida and I was under the impression we were flying back to Alabama so our friends and family can meet the new addition to our family. When we arrived at the airport, I was presented with a card, a “Push Present” as he put it. In the card, was my passport and boarding pass to Paris! Traveling to Paris has always been a dream of mine. When we arrived in Paris, I was instructed to wear a gown because he had reservations to some place (which was part of his plan) but that we would be stopping at the Eiffel Tower first. Once we arrived at the eiffel tower, he said he wanted to take pictures of me facing the Eiffel Tower with our camera, which I willingly complied to doing. I was then instructed to turn around when I saw BJ on one knee with a professional photographer capturing this once in a lifetime moment. I was in utter shock! Of course I said yes! We plan on returning to Paris once our daughter is old enough to partake in a small ceremony.

Image 2 of Sonia and BJ