Sonia and Ardit

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How We Met

We met just a little over a year ago, at a family friends wedding. It was originally only my parents going, but a few guests were not able to make it to the wedding so I was invited the week of, and decided last minute that I would join them as well. I noticed Ardit (my now fiancé) at the cocktail hour and thought he was quite handsome but never made an attempt to go over to him. As guests were getting ready to leave the cocktail hour and head into the reception area I too headed towards the party. While walking in and nearing my table I notice him standing by his table. We instantly made eye contact with one another and I remember feeling nervous but yet excited as I quickly looked away and took my seat. Later on that night as I was dancing with a friend I notice Ardit dancing a few feet away from me. When song was ending and a new one beginning he came over to me and asks me to dance. I suddenly felt as if we were the only ones on that dance floor. We spoke briefly while dancing, exchanged a few questions here and there and when the song was over we took our seats. The wedding was ending and I was seated at my table (with my parents right next to me) when I see Ardit approaching our table from the corner of my eye. My heart immediately starts racing as he sits right next to me and says “I’m sorry if I am being disrespectful because I know you are here with your parents but could I please have your number before I leave”. I never give out my number to just anyone but something inside me told me “I have to give this guy my number!”, and so I did. Giving him my number that night at that wedding was the best thing I ever did, and now we’re engaged!

how they asked

We decided to plan a cross-country trip to Italy and I was super excited because it was our first trip alone as a couple. When we arrived to Amalfi Coast a group of our friends happened to also be there and so they reached out for us to all meet up. At first I was a little hesitant because I wanted this trip to just be about us but I decided maybe it would be nice to have our friends tag a long. We had been planning to take a boat to Capri just the two of us and I was really looking forward to a romantic boat ride on the coast of Italy. The next day he told me he had invited our group of friends on the boat as well and I was so upset because I really wanted a romantic boat ride with just the two of us. We all get on the boat and head to Capri and stop to take pictures at different points off the coast. Ardit came over to me and asks to go to the front of the boat for some pictures, in the midst of doing so he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. Our friends made the moment even more special by taking videos and beautiful pictures that will last us a lifetime. This boat ride that I thought would not end up be so romantic ended up being the most romantic day of my life. It was the most magical moment, and I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect proposal.

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