Song and Mike

How We Met

We met sophomore year of high school at a friends party. The first conversation I remember us ever having is about Disney music, which is hilarious as we both work for Disney now! We didn’t start dating till the week before we graduated high school and it was supposed to be us just hanging out without any major commitment before I left for college in Alabama. Well almost 6 years later I don’t think that short term plan works al all, and we couldn’t be happy that it didn’t!

how they asked

We went to Disneyland to visit during the 60th Diamond celebration, and I figured out something was up once my mom showed up in sunny California all the way from Florida. So about 9:30ish in the morning we headed to the train station at the front of Magic Kingdom and I am starting to get very nervous waiting for what ever was going to happen to happen. So the train pulls up and they load us into a very special train car that is not always out, called the Lillybelle, this car was decorated by Walt Disneys wife Lillian. Once we get on the train leaves the station and heads around towards New Orleans Square. Once the train stops here I can feel the energy and the train car shift and I know that Mike about to pop the question! He gets down on one knee and he gives a long wonderful proposal calling me the Lily to his Walt, at this point I am in tears because it is one of the sweetest moments of my life. All I can remember me saying when he open the box and I saw the ring is “I can’t even see it (because of the tears), but yes!”

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