Soner and Cansu

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How We Met

I met a woman I was in love with on Sunday, 09.21.2014. When I first saw my love, she was unhappily sitting in a park and then I said something to myself”. I must be the life key to this beautiful woman.” I went to talk to her later. She said to me “How dare you talk to me”. I never expected this reaction. I just heard that one of her friends called her Cansu Orhan. I learned her name. I saw Cansu in the same place a few weeks later.

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This time I asked her friends to say that I want to meet Cansu. Cansu sent me no reply again. I insisted and she then accepted. The next day we met at a cafe. While we were chatting. Cansu, scared and screamed when she saw the cat nearby and hugged me. I learned that the Cansu was afraid of the cats, then we went to a lot of laughter. After that our contact started hotter. As days went by I recognized her more and I became her admirer. My love for Cansu grew every second. People can love, like or hate each other but their feelings tell them the right way and you should always listen to your heart and not to your head. I listened to my heart and I am very happy. She is my world, she is my eternal star. I love you so much Cansu.

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