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How We Met

I almost didn’t meet her. One day in July, my sister asked me to join her at a wedding. After much convincing I grudgingly agreed – caught up in work and my social life, I didn’t want to waste a Saturday night.

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The wedding was fun, but I was bored. Looking around for entertainment, I caught the eye of a woman a few tables away. Wide eyes, white dress, straight shoulder high hair. But what captured me was her laugh – she was laughing with that kind of whole-hearted no-cares-in-the-world way that lights up a room like a million firecrackers. Trying to get her attention, I kept looking her way. Eventually, we caught eyes… and embarrassed, I looked away. We played that game of back and forth until she eventually left.

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That whole night I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Who was she? I had to find her. I was so angry that I couldn’t muster up the courage to speak with her. I got up and decided I would find her – so I contacted a friend at the wedding until I found someone who knew here. With nothing to lose I sent her a message: “I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, I thought you were extremely beautiful. I’d love to take you out for Korean BBQ”. Who thought that would ever work? I’ve never looked back.

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how they asked

Shabnam spent a year in Portugal teaching English and has always considered that country a second home. So, one day in August I told her to pack her bags and meet me at the airport. When she arrived I had two tickets to Portugal waiting – a trip of a lifetime. Without her knowing, I spoke with her parents for their permission and even called her boss to book two weeks off of work.

When we arrived in Portugal we spent the first few days enjoying the beaches, scenery, and food. On the fifth day, I took her to Praia de Albandeira, a beautiful beach in the Algarve under the guise of a photo shoot. Photoshoot your asking? Well I am a YouTuber (Canadian Rider) and we have typically done these things at other hotels, so it all seems completely normal.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Algarve Portugal

During the photo shoot, they asked Shabnam to face away into the sunset for a solo shot, which is when I got down on one knee. I was so nervous that I almost dropped the ring in the sand – but once she turned around and I saw her face the nerves melted away. I told her how much she means to me, that she is the love of my life, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Without hesitation, she said “yes”.

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