Sondra and Ryan

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How We Met

We met over 12 years ago online from a random dare from a friend. We talked through MSN (which seems so old now) and after a few months talking we decided to meet. We had planned on meeting at our local summer fair but when I saw him my knees went week and no words would come out of my mouth….so I ran! Fast forward a week or two, and we decided to do something more casual so he came over to my sister’s apartment and the two of us just hung out. Neither of us really talked for the first hour until he said “Sondra, we’ve been talking for months…I know you aren’t this quiet” and from then on we just clicked. We sure had our ups and downs over the 12 years, with a 5 year age difference between us but it all just made our love stronger and I can truly say I am marrying my best friend!

how they asked

So it is Christmas evening (3:30 am so technically Boxing Day morning but we hadn’t gone to sleep yet so we say it was still Christmas night), we had just returned home from our Christmas festivities from his family. We were both tired and ready for bed, we laid side by side just talking about all the fun we had over the last few days. Right as I was starting to doze off he asked me to come to the living room. I thought he was trying to get me to go watch a movie with him and pull an all-nighter.

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We walk down the hallway, and as I enter the living room I notice that he has the fireplace channel on (with the sound turned up to really set the mood), the Christmas tree was all lit up and there in the tree was an envelope! (Rewind to earlier at his parents I had given him crap that he never gave me a card, cards are my favorite).

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So when I saw the card I was like “Aww he didn’t forget”. I open the card and start reading it…it had penguins on the front which I love penguins, it goes on to talk about Christmas and love and then on the last page of the card it said “You are my Christmas, my Always, my wife” and then he had put ….. —> I turn over the card and it says: “… be….”

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