Sonali and Dylan

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How We Met

Both Dylan and myself went to grad school at GW in Washington, DC. I previously saw him in the building and told my friends that he had caught my eye but after that day, I hadn’t seen him again. I went to a Grad School Happy Hour on campus and I saw him again. Immediately freaked out and told my best friend and we tried to subtly insert into the conversation he and his friends were having. Fast forwarding a few weeks where I got out of class about 30 minutes late and ironically he did too, I was walking down the stairs and he came out of the elevator. Both of us were talking to our respective groups of friends and headed toward the metro. I didn’t think anything of it because everyone usually takes the metro. I quickly called a friend when I realized that he was walking right behind me and all of my friends had suddenly disappeared. 5-10 feet apart, waiting for the same metro, both of us knew of each other but had never spoken a word. I thought to myself, “If I don’t say something now it’ll be awkward for a very long time…” Sure enough, I started the conversation, we got on the train, he asked for my number, 2 weeks later we went on our first date, and now it’s been 3+ years!!!

How They Asked

A little over a month ago, Dylan and I started planning our trip to DC for his work event. He had been excited to wear this new blue suit for a while so I was specifically told that this is the one time I had to match him versus him matching me😅DC is the place we both called home, where we met, and both have so many friends and memories in. We know it all too well and are always excited to go back. Dylan flew in on Wednesday morning and apparently used the entire day to get the details together alongside some of my best friends. I flew in later that night after work. Thursday rolled around and Dylan was just so calm. His coworkers called, texted, and really helped sell that this was, indeed, a work event. The “company” sent a private car to pick us up. He had these conversations regarding logistics with coworkers right in front of me and I didn’t think twice. We got to the building and the concierge let us up to the rooftop. There was an event set up to the right and I began walking toward that area.

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Dylan hung back and said, “I think this is us.” And I replied, “What do you mean? I think it’s over there?” And he insisted, “No, this is us…” and just like that – he began reminiscing the last 3+ years we’ve been together, got down on one knee, and I’ve never said yes so quickly. Dylan had surprises planned throughout the weekend. We spent the rest of Thursday basking at the moment, going to a beautiful dinner, and going to a Jose Andres cocktail experience he knows I’ve wanted to do for years now. Friday morning before brunch, I was surprised in the hotel lobby with both of our siblings and two of my best friends who all flew in to be with us. Friday night we originally had dinner with 4 of my best friends who all live in DC…little did I know Dylan rented a private space and ~30 of our favorite people were waiting to celebrate with us. Saturday we spent the day hanging out with everyone and just enjoying the city. Sunday morning Dylan gave me the final surprise. Instead of going back to Houston, he flew back to JAX so he could see my parents before they flew to India for a few months. All in all, this man has thought through every detail of this proposal, and this trip, and I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with him☺️🤍

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Special Thanks

Rachel Lincoln
 | Photographer