Sonal and Sawan

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How We Met

We are childhood friends from school. We were together on the same school bus and that’s how our friendship grew. We moved away to different countries for college, came back, and realized what we have is special and a perfect base to becoming lovers.

How They Asked

A Broadway-inspired Theatre Musical show based on our love story

Sawan proposed to me by screening a Broadway-inspired Musical called Perfect Imperfections. The Musical storyline was based on our story of friendship & love. Sawan got one of the theatre groups in Delhi to put together a spectacular play with dances, singing, and dialogues, all to bring alive our story on stage.

He wrote the script himself by bringing out some special moments from our 16 years of friendship and love.

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He included some particular conversations and songs that were special to us even as friends from perhaps 12 years ago. It was the second scene when I understood that the characters on stage are enacting the two of us. And it struck me, ‘oh this is him proposing for marriage’, a live theatre musical with our family and special friends as the audience behind us. It was all a beautiful surprise.

I could have never imagined anything like this. I am so touched, and grateful to have this musical to cherish all my life.

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At the end of course, with all the lights out and Sawan backstage, he proposed to me with the most personal, heart touching words. The curtains went up and I was brought on stage, on a passage of roses & lit by candles.

He went down on one knee and of course, I said yes with my whole heart and soul.

Later I realized the level of detailing he went through, especially since the covid restrictions made planing so much harder. From auditioning 9 theatre groups, conducting practice sessions week-on-week, to testing all the 17 cast & crew for COVID 2 days prior to the play. I am truly blessed.

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