Sona and Rahul

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How We Met

I am a big sucker for romance. I always loved the romantic movie scenes where the guy and girl’s eyes meet and everything in the room gets blurry and all they see is each other. Of course I knew that was all just something you see in movies until I met Rahul. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner and we walked into this restaurant where were supposed to meet Rahul (my now fiance) whom I had never met or seen before. As I walked in, I made eye contact with this cute guy at the bar and everything around me was a blur (cheesy and so movie like I know!). It just so happened to be that he was the friend we were meeting up for dinner (what a coincidence!) We started talking that night, exchanged numbers and 7 years later – Here we are, happily engaged and madly in love!

how they asked

Rahul’s birthday gift to me last year was a trip to Punta Cana (because why the heck not!). We landed the day of my birthday, we went zip lining, jet skiing and had a great adventurous day! The next day Rahul planned a very relaxing day for the both of us. We went on a parasailing tour over the beautiful blue water of Punta Cana followed by a spa afternoon. We apparently had reservations at the upscale steakhouse of the hotel that evening so Rahul gave me my sweet time to get ready (a few hours maybe – GUILTY!) as he danced around in the room.

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As we started walking towards the “restaurant”, Rahul pulled me away to the different direction where I saw a private cabana setup with a dinner table for two that said “I love you” with flower petals. We had dinner under the stars by the pool and had our private butler.

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I was a little thrown off and my first thought was ” Oh my god! Is this it!?” but knowing me well, Rahul said “Happy Birthday Babe”. Great! This is my birthday dinner, cool we are good! *Phew*. As we were finishing our dessert, a random photographer approached us and said “Hey this is a new resort so I am taking a few pictures for the website would you mind if I took a few pictures of you guys?” We took a few pictures at our table and the photographer said, “The light isn’t too great here, do you mind getting up and coming in the light so we can get some standing shots” – We were both like sure! why not?

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We stand up in the light, take a few pictures and the photographer tells us to look at each other and pose. We turn to each other and Rahul looks into my eyes and said “Baby” and my heart just dropped! Rahul began to say his little speech (below) and went out one knee and asked me to marry him! It was the best day of my life :)

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“Baby! Every time I thought about what to say it kept going back to this. I know it’s been 7 years and I never want to go another day without you. I remember the first time I saw you and looking into your eyes and knowing this was something. Since that moment I wanted to run away with you and be by your side. Any chance I remember trying to talk to you and get to know you. After all this time I know we are meant to be. We can do things without even saying a word to each other and know what it means to make each other happy everyday. I have never been more confident to be able to say these things and that’s because of you. You have made me more confident in myself, a better man and hopefully a great husband to be. You are the most beautiful person I ever met and it will always be that way.

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I love and respect your kindness for others and the true meaning you put behind what you do or say. I love your silly jokes and your one of a kind sense of humor. It truly does make my day every day. I admire how intelligent you are and where you have gotten yourself today. I love that you have always stood by my side through these years no matter what and that really means something. We have made many unforgettable memories with and I know this is the beginning of our journey together. I never want to lose that and always want to be by your side. I love you Baby. Will you marry me?”

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