Somairy and Raul

Somairy's Proposal in Bonfire Restaurant in New Jersey

How We Met

“If roses could speak the language of my heart. they’d say “I love you”. Raul & I met at his 29th birthday party. We exchanged phone numbers and from that day on, we spoke for long hours on the phone. When we first started talking on the phone, he was on a road trip with his mother to Florida. He was on his way taking his 2 kids back home from summer break. Raul’s mother was the one driving majority of the trip because he was too busy talking to me on the phone. I remember feeling as if I was on the road trip with them as well because I also got to join them on their funny stories, road stops, and sing-alongs. Our first date wasn’t a typical date. We went to Raul’s metal shop, where he showed me all of his artwork and projects. I lost myself in his words, I gave my soul to his art, and I became the kind of beautiful that is only found in his art. Fast forward to a few years later, our flower tradition began when Raul sent me 100 glittered roses to work. He always brings me home beautiful flowers and he always manages to surprise me. One day I came home from work and found roses set up in a heart shape in our apartment. I thought that he was proposing to me, but he wasn’t. From there on, I knew when he proposed to me it will be something BIG! Se he always has big surprises for me on any regular day.

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how they asked

For my 29th birthday, Raul told me he had set up a birthday party with our family and friends. When I walked into the room it was beautifully decorated with white and red roses, a red roses cake, and an acrylic center table with roses inside of it. I felt so special, especially because this was all designed and created by Raul himself. Later that night, when I am blowing my birthday candles and everyone is singing happy birthday, Raul comes on stage to give what I thought was a birthday speech.

In a very nerve wrecking voice, he said, “Happy Birthday baby. I love you. Our love is forever. I’m not a person for much for words so I rather show it.” He got on his knees and pulled down the red curtain behind a sign that read “will you marry me”. It wasn’t any regular sign. The sign was made out of aluminum welded letters with 2000 real white roses inside of it. It also had 2 hearts with real red roses, lights, and diamond pins inside. Behind the sign, there was also a black and white banner full of pictures of us.

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I covered my face in shock, hugged him tightly, and told him “yes I do” and he then placed a beautiful rose shaped diamond ring on my finger. I loved everything about our proposal, the place, the people, the food, the decorations, the details, the cake, the roses, but most importantly Raul!. We will be getting married next year on his birthday and of course, it will be full of roses.

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