10 Stunning Solitaire Engagement Rings

It’s no question why a solitaire engagement ring just so happens to be one of the most popular: they’re stunning. If you’re asking yourself, “What exactly is a solitaire setting?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Basically, it’s a ring that features only a single diamond (hence the name). And, because there are no other accent diamonds or halos in play, it showcases a diamond in all of its striking glory. Basically, it’s the saying “less is more” in engagement-ring form. You can read more about solitaire settings here!

Interested in seeing some of our favorites? Lucky for you, today we’re sharing 10 stunning solitaire engagement rings that have us swooning!

10 stunning solitaire engagement rings

1. Certified 14K White Gold Round-Cut 1 Carat Diamond Ring

If there were to ever be a competition for the most classic engagement ring, this one would win. From the striking round diamond to the simple white gold band, we’re absolutely obsessed with this engagement ring, and your partner will be, too.

Buy It: $5,300, Kay.com

2. Marguerite 18K Yellow & White Gold Solitaire 0.50 Carat Engagement Ring

Yellow gold engagement rings have been trending more so now than ever! The metal has such a timeless look and paired with this antique hammered bezel setting? You can’t go wrong.

Buy It: $7,400, Annoushka.com

3. Platinum Petite Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

You’re going to want to click the link to take a closer look at this ring. It’s so classic and elegant! We don’t usually pick favorites but this ring is definitely on the higher end of our list! ;)

Buy It: $2,370 (setting only), JamesAllen.com

4. Smooth Edge Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

This band is everything. Sure, dainty ring bands are much more common but there’s just something about a thicker band that is absolutely eye-catching. This engagement ring is simple yet bold, and your partner is sure to love it!

Buy It: $1,190 (setting only), WithClarity.com

5. Mercer Bezel Set Solitaire Diamond Ring

How gorgeous is this engagement ring? If your partner is looking for something timeless with a modern flair, this is the engagement ring for them. This minimalist, sleek style is everything.

Buy It: $998 (setting only), RingConcierge.com

6. Split Shank Solitaire Engagement Ring

We couldn’t not share this ring. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s everything your partner wants.

Buy It: $2,065 (setting only), Barkevs.com

7. The Classic Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring

While the pear shape isn’t quite as common, this diamond shape is making a trendy comeback. This yellow gold pear solitaire engagement ring is quite the stunner.

Buy It: $1,210 (setting only), Vrai.com

8. 14K White Gold 1 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Talk about eye-catching. WOW, that diamond sure is shining bright! Looking to wow your partner with a sparkly new piece? This is your go-to ring.

Buy It: $8,000, Jared.com

9. Marcy Round Rose-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

We can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this ring. It has such a vintage feel, but it’s so classic. The unique double prongs truly highlight the rare rose cut diamond.

Buy It: $11,800, GreenwichJewelers.com

10. Morgan Engagement Ring

Ending our roundup with a ring that most certainly is not last on our list. This gorgeous bezel-set engagement ring has such a modern and bold look, your loved one is sure to be obsessed.

Buy It: $2,350 (setting only), BrilliantEarth.com

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