Soleil and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I have been together for almost nine years now – yes, that means we met in junior high school. I distinctly remember him staring at me on the first day of our video production class in seventh grade. I thought it was strange until one of his friends (who soon became my best friend) came up to me and said: “That boy over there likes you.” We dated for almost a year when I decided I didn’t want to be tied down because I was only thirteen years old, so I broke up with him. Thankfully, we remained friends until April 2010, where we rekindled our relationship on a school trip to Washington D.C.

Soleil and Chris's Engagement in In our apartment in San Mateo, CA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In our apartment in San Mateo, CA

Something kept telling me that he was a special person and I couldn’t let him go. We spent the whole week together against the wishes of our chaperones who tried to keep the boys and the girls apart. Regardless, we ended up getting back together on April 9, 2010 (we also had our first kiss on the same night, on the bus on our way back from the airport). He asked me to be his girlfriend while we were in the Newseum – basically a museum of news history – and I said “No” just to be funny. But, he looked so shocked that I had to explain that it was a joke and of course I would be his girlfriend! Thank goodness he just laughed, because the rest is history.

Soleil's Proposal in In our apartment in San Mateo, CA

how they asked

I was at school all day, so I was coming back to our apartment after having dinner with a couple of my friends. I walked right into this beautiful set-up of flowers and candles everywhere. He was standing with two dozen roses in his hand under balloons that said “Marry Me,” and photos up on the wall of us throughout the years. He asked me where we were eight years ago and what happened, to which I answered: “You asked me to be your girlfriend in D.C., and we kissed.” He just smiled and handed me a note that he wrote on our two year anniversary – seven years ago! It basically stated that he would marry me one day, and this note will be the way he proposes.

I immediately started crying as he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I (obviously) said YES! Then he turned me around and I saw that both of our families were on FaceTime watching the whole thing! That’s when I lost it – he thought to include our families, which was just absolutely incredible. It was so special to be able to share this amazing moment with them as they have been so supportive of us throughout our relationship. He thought of every little thing and I couldn’t have planned this out better myself!