Sofia and Vinicio

How We Met

We met at a photo shoot of course typical, I was the model and he was the photographer. As soon as I walked up to the gate to meet him I felt something so strange, we both had a grin from ear to ear. Through out the shoot, I knew that I was crushing on my photographer, and then there was a moment for me when I realized I am in love. Yes, now I believe in love at first sight!

After our photo shoot we chatted all night long until the sun rose. I thought someone was playing a joke on me because he was just to perfect, exactly what I had been looking for.  We have been inseparable since, we fit like a puzzle. He is my soulmate, the man of my dreams, my bff, my real life prince charming! My heart still skips beats for him! 11713800_1135929793090407_6378480166791667149_o

how they asked

It was the most amazing moment of my life! We had been traveling for 2 weeks, in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Now off to Rome. Sitting on the plane as we were landing in Rome we could see the Vatican and coliseum through the tiny plane window and we were both in awe of how beautiful it was. I looked over and wondered why my now fiancee was so nervous and had tears in his eyes, I just thought he was in awe of how amazing Rome looked and had no idea the ring was in his pocket the entire time.

We landed in the afternoon and started off our day walking around Rome and ended our night with some amazing gelato, then we headed back to the coliseum to get that night picture he wanted to take or so I thought. We walked right up to the coliseum and I was taking in the amazing feeling of such a magical trip, he asked me to stand right in front of the coliseum so he can test the lighting for a good picture. I thought nothing of it since he is a photographer and he is always taking pictures. I thought he just wanted to take a quick selfie.

He set his camera on his tripod and asked a couple behind us to watch our stuff and He had one chance and once chance only, he set his 12 second timer and started walking up to me fidgeting his hands in his pocket,  when he stands right in front of me with an open box and drops to his knee. I was frozen in time, I could not believe this was happening in the most grandiose, magnificent, magical, romantic, oh my god way!!!!

We hugged like never before, after we realized we were in the middle of Rome and his camera was in the middle of the floor we rushed to get our things. He then shows me the picture captured. OMG!!!!!!! I found my prince! 11248157_1104230529593667_568841592977347588_n