Sofia and Lyle

How We Met

Lyle was my group leader at freshman orientation at BYU-I fall semester 2014. I arrived late and he had left a note on the door just introducing himself with his number in case I needed any help. I called him when I arrived and he helped me get to where I needed to go. Lyle claims to have fallen in love with me day 1! I thought he might have been interested in one of my roommates so I asked if he wanted me to set him up when he confessed he liked me! We were both just dating around until late October when Lyle had invited me to his roommates magic trick show. I didn’t know if I would make it but ended up going and sent him a picture that I was at the show and he asked me to save him a spot!

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Sofia's Proposal in Jackson, Wyoming

He ran from his apartment to the venue and we hung out all night. He then asked me on our first ‘real’ date and went Latin dancing. We continued to hang out until Thanksgiving break, where I went home to celebrate with my family. We Face-timed and talked for hours. When I came home, he picked me up and asked if I wanted to build a snowman. We had our first kiss that night. We went on a walk a few days later and he asked me to be his girlfriend. A few months later, we went our own paths as I was preparing to serve an 18-month mission for my church. We wrote off-and-on my entire mission, until about six months I came home. I came home on a Thursday and he drove down to see me the next Tuesday and asked me to his again!

Proposal Ideas Jackson, Wyoming

how they asked

Lyle got us tickets to ride the tram up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! We went up with his brother and hiked down to take pictures, where Lyle told his brother where to place the rose petals without me seeing. His brother told us he was going to take an adventure and would meet us up at the cafe, where we then got waffles. Lyle wanted to go back down to take “a panorama shot” aka PROPOSE. We always take pictures and videos on every trip we go on so I agree, but wasn’t too excited to go back down (I was so tired from hiking up since the air is really thin at 10,000+ altitude). All of a sudden we’re walking towards a rose-petaled heart and Lyle gets down one knee and asks, “Will you marry me?” after asking if he was serious a million times, I said “YES OF COURSE!!” Eternity never sounded so good.