Sofia and Jorge

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How We Met

I just recently graduated college and decided to take a trip to Tampa, FL to visit my brothers. It was Tuesday, July 29, I remember because it was the day before I was going back home to Puerto Rico. My sister in law and I decided to do lunch and take a stroll in the mall. Let me just tell you that I had no make-up whatsoever and I was wearing a maxi dress with some sandals. Jorge says that he saw me before I even set foot into the mall. He was in a store that had windows and you were able to see the parking lot. I was walking toward the mall entrance pushing my niece in her stroller (let me say that she looks exactly like me). At some point in the mall my sister in law and I split up so that I could go shopping and she could take my niece to the playground. As I am exiting the store, I see someone walking toward me and says: “I really need to say something, and if I don’t I will probably regret it at some point. I don’t know if you are married, if you have children or you have a boyfriend but I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Right about now, my mind was going in a million different directions. The only thing I could say was: “Thank you, I am flattered.” We then had a very nice conversation and even ended up figuring out that we were both from the same place! What a small world! We exchanged numbers because he was not in any social media. Five minutes after we parted ways, he texted me and said if he could take out to dinner that night. I said yes! We went to his favorite restaurants, Miguel’s in downtown Tampa. Since it was a Tuesday, they closed early and basically threw us out. We wanted to continue getting to know each other, we went to Curtis Hixon Park that over looks the Hillsborough river and The University of Tampa. It was getting late, and time had come to an end. It was sad saying goodbye, I just had the most beautiful date and such great conversation, but my gut was telling me that I wasn’t going to see him again. When we said goodbye, he kissed me, in the most romantic way possible. So romantic that it gave me butterflies, I couldn’t even sleep. That’s when I knew I was going to marry this guy. No one had ever given me a kiss that way before. To end the story, he took me to the airport the next day and we have been together ever since! I did end up moving to Tampa a couple of months after we met!

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how they asked

It was New Year’s eve and my family and friends were there. Each year we celebrate it at the same place. Downtown Tampa in Channelside. We love that it is very family oriented, the good music and the people around. My best friend was missing, she was having dinner somewhere else and had mentioned to me that she was going to try and make it. We got to the place early to get some good seating, for the fireworks, food and drinks. At some point during the night I started to get a migraine and had even mentioned I wanted to leave, I suggested taking an Uber home, that’s how miserable I was. But my mom said NO WAY, I have medicine and you are going to take some. So you all know that mom’s do not take NO for an answer. To take me out of my misery, Jorge suggests that we go down more closer to the water to take a picture, so we did. When we come back it is 11:30 and my best friend shows up. My mood suddenly lifts and I am having so much fun! As we are counting down the New Year, everyone had their cameras out, yes for the fireworks, I had no clue it was for the proposal and 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! Jorge comes towards and he doesn’t kiss me, he hugs me hard and starts talking into my ear when all of a sudden someone breaks our hug and wishes me Happy New Year, as I go around celebrating the New Year and kissing and hugging family and friends, someone turns me around and there is Jorge down on one knee! I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea, I was speechless! I just remember nodding yes because I was crying so hard. Everyone was in it! My mom, my dad, my best friend, my brother. I had no clue! It was amazing, the moment was perfect and the fireworks made it amazing! (Jorge knows how much I love fireworks).

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