Sofia and John

Sofia and John's Engagement in Our home

How We Met

John and I met at the gym. I know, who would’ve thought that the whole gym crush thing would work out (sorry not sorry for the pun). He noticed me for a couple of months but was too nervous to make a move so instead, he introduced himself to one of my friends, who then introduced us. John explained to me how he was doing live streaming on twitch at the time, and I had no idea what that was, I thought John was crazy. But then I learned what it was that he did, and yes, it was crazy. But I was immediately hooked to his humor and clever jokes. We quickly became inseparable, got our fur baby, Masha, and the rest is history.

Sofia's Proposal in Our home

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our home

Where to Propose in Our home

How They Asked

It was Christmas Eve, John and I had set up a P.O. Box for viewers to be able to send us Christmas gift and we planned a live stream on YouTube where we were going to open them up. Earlier that day John had spent 2 hours hammering things to the wall, not letting me know what was going on, he just told me it was my Christmas gift. We started the stream before midnight and open up the gifts we got from viewers, while around 2k people were watching live. At the end of it, John said it was time for my Christmas gift. He handed me a towel to blindfold myself, uncovered the sign that read “will you marry me” and got down in one knee.

When he popped the question I immediately started crying. It was very special to us. Some people might find strange that he chose to propose live on stream, but his viewers are more than that to him. He has a community of people that have watched him for almost 5 years, many of them we consider close friends. Some of them have been there at the beginning of our relationship, on our birthdays, when we first got Masha and many other relationship milestones that we have shared on stream. They were all so happy for us and it was really special that we got to share that moment with them.

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