Sofia and Eugene

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How We Met

me and fiancé met at a missionary trip in 2015, i remember whispering to my best friend “he’s soooo cute” at a meeting before the trip, we both liked each other but didn’t know. We sat across each other on a 40 hour road trip to Mexico, as he cracked his jokes and i started seeing more of him i fell in love with him… little did i know ? & we clicked. people we didn’t even know on the trip told us we’re like a pair of shoes, as in basically made for each other. 5 months later January 29th 2016 he asked me to be his girlfriend, and its all history from there ❤️

how they asked

2 months before September 2017 my boyfriend won a vacation through some kind of carnival and told me all about it until a few weeks later realizing it was a scam. i didn’t really pay much attention to it thinking oh well! A little later, About 2 weeks into September he told to not make plans for September 29th (which is kind of our anniversary, he asked me to be his girlfriend January 29th) and he said we’ll be going out to the space needle in downtown Seattle for dinner and told me to get all dolled up, i was super excited! The day of he picked me up and we drove to downtown, he tells me about how the vacation 2 months ago wasn’t a scam actually and he has to go pick it up, he gets a phone call from the buisness who “is giving it to him” telling him where they are located. i was shocked! The building was one of the buildings we’ve been trying to go on the rooftop of, for ever! But it had very high security so we never could’ve! i was so excited saying “what if they let us go on the rooftop!!!” We come and he meets the lady in the lobby, in the elevator she says she doesn’t have all the paperwork ready and asks if we want to go onto the rooftop while we wait, i was on cloud 9! Wow everything is going perfect. we get onto the rooftop and my fiancé takes my hand, and leads me to the most beautiful set up in the world, tears rolling down my face as he kneels on one knee and i say yes. —— me and my fiancé are obsessed with rooftops! Every state we visit we always find a rooftop, the fact that he proposed on a rooftop was just so special to my heart ❤️ (Oh & extra special because this rooftop doesn’t ever allow this stuff, this was the first proposal there and the buisness said only reason they allowed it is because our story touched them, truly a miracle)

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