Sofía and Alejandro

Where to Propose in Our future home

How We Met

Alejandro and I met in high school in 2009. He is younger than me so we never had a class together, but we saw each other in the building. At that time he was dating someone else so we were just good friends, time passed by and he was one of my best friends. We decided to participate as a team in a leadership challenge held in our high school in 2010, was during that time that we had to be together all day long. After the challenged ended we knew something between us had started. During that month we both went to a Coldplay concert with friends, so we were in different parts of the arena, and when they started to sing “Yellow” we send each other part of the lyrics, we knew we were in love.

How They Asked

The day the proposed we supposed to have a Christmas lunch with his family and after that a birthday dinner with my father-in-law, so he told me we need to go before Christmas lunch to our future home to check some details.

We went to our new house together and everything seemed normal until I reached the area where the living room and dining room will be and I found an arch of flowers, many balloons and all of our anniversary photos.

He went down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our future home

Special Thanks

Carlos Medina
 | Photographer
Jocelyn Magaña
 | Planning
Ángel Buendia
 | Planning