The New Sock Invention That Will Change the Game for Marriage Proposals Everywhere

It’s not often a genius invention comes across our plate in the proposal world. That’s why we fell head over heels when the brand new Box Sock came along and changed the one-knee game forever.

Brought to you by the girls who plan proposals for a living (The Yes Girls), the Box Sock has a small but mighty pocket on the side of it so men can hide their engagement ring perfectly. That means no more awkward cargo pants, oversized jackets or fanny packs needed to conceal the box!

The pocket’s elasticity is engineered to carry the ring (or the Box Sock’s mini ring box) safely and comfortably. The pocket is on the inside of the left foot so when the proposer kneels down on his right knee, he can easily pull out the engagement ring from his left sock (seamless, right?!).

“We should also mention the fabric is very breathable – hearts may be racing, but one can avoid sweaty feet!” said Heather Vaughn, founder of The Yes Girls and now the Box Sock: The Pocket Sock that hides your engagement ring box.

Vaughn and her team developed the idea after their clients continually asked if they knew a safe place to hide the ring without their future fiancé noticing.

“A ring box in a jacket or a loose ring in a pant leg is a dead giveaway (and quite the stressor), so we wanted to come up with a creative, unique and quality solution for our clients,” she said.

The socks come in a handful of great designs, but our favorite is the “marry me?” design. Know someone with a proposal on the horizon? Share this post with them – they’ll thank you after she says yes!

Photos by TM Inspired Photography