Lola and Elias's Snow-Covered Proposal

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How we met: Lola and I both grew up and live in Mexico, but I knew that I wanted to propose in the city of love, NYC. When I first saw Lola, it was through Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ section. Her name and face continually popped up on my feed until one day, we ran into each other at a local mall. I figured it must be fate and invited Lola out one night to a concert, we bonded over our mutual distaste for the concert and decided to finish the night at a wine bar where her and I shared our first kiss. After a handful of romantic dates, I found myself falling in love with Lola. Her positive attitude, intelligence and zest for life drew me in more and more as we continued to spend time together eating at sushi bars and going for walks in the park. If you were to ask me how I knew that Lola was the one for me, I would tell you without hesitation that she taught me to be myself and to live life to the fullest. I knew that I couldn’t imagine a life without her, so I contacted The Heart Bandits to help me create an unbelievably romantic proposal to show her just how amazing she was.

how they asked: I planned a special trip for myself and Lola to visit the Belvedere Castle located in Central Park in New York City. I had the perfect day planned out for my proposal down to the horse and carriage ride and the warm mugs of hot cocoa waiting for us once I had proposed.

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On the day of my proposal, a heavy storm threatened to ruin the entire day, but true love doesn’t go down without a fight. Our love came out with a clear win this day. The snow was so dangerous that the horse and carriage could not operate so instead, my proposal planner and I quickly came up with an alternative option to take a pedicab to Belvedere Castle. Lola and I braved our way up the snow covered path to the top of the castle where we were greeted by a guitarist playing Lola’s favorite songs.

I dropped to one knee, not letting the amount of snow affect my act of love for Lola, and proposed. Lola was surprised and delighted by the grand gesture that I had planned for her and quickly replied with a “Yes!”.

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In a nearby gazebo, a warm nest of pillows, blankets, chocolates and hot cocoa awaited us. Distracted by the chocolatey goodness of her cocoa, Lola did not see her family sneaking around the corner to give her yet another surprise on such an eventful day! Lola, her family and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting cozy and celebrating our newly formed engagement. Nothing, even the weather could put a damper on that special day for us, a couple truly in love!

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Proposal Planner: The Heart Bandits  |  Photography: By Eetronella Photography  |  Guitarist: Paul Tabachneck