Sloane and Dustin

How We Met

The summer after my freshman year of college I was working at a tanning salon and in comes this hottie to tan. He started off by saying “please don’t judge I’ve been on my dad’s farm and I have bad tan lines”. So I got all of the information for him to tan and then the day went on, but I could not stop thinking about him, so I added him on Facebook. That night he messaged me and said: “are you the girl from the tanning salon?” And I replied, “yes, that’s me!!”

how they asked

Now fast forward 4.5 years later of us dating. We are on a trip to Cabo San Lucas with my family. We were trying to figure out all of the excursions to do. Dustin booked for everyone to go on a sunset cruise to see lovers beach and the famous arch in Cabo.

So the night comes for that and we all are on the sailboat and we get to the arch and the photographer on the boat was going around taking pictures of everyone with the arch in the background. It comes to our turn and we stand up ( it is very windy and rocky on the boat) and hold on for dear life during the picture and I went to go sit back down and the Dustin says “Wait hold on…” and then I turn to see him down on one knee saying my full name and asking me to marry him!!!

Sloane's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas

Special Thanks

Henri Daussi
Ring Designer