Sloan and Randall

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

How We Met

Well… How we met is not your everyday love story. My Mother was Randall’s boss at their workplace – I had never met Randall but my mom always praised his hard work and authentic character. When I was in need of a summer job in 2015 my mom had offered me a great position here. Little did I know that taking the summer intern position that I would soon meet the man I was destined to marry.

The first day we met went a little like this… Picture it is 6:00 AM and you are forced to go to work with your mom – as you are driving there you are half awake and your mom tries to reassure you that this will be a great experience & you might even “meet a cute guy”. Rolling my eyes at her comment we laughed and continued our way into work. Everyone arrives to work and I am given a tour – no cute guys here let me tell you. But half an hour late, cue the entrance of the cute guy (lol) – Randall walks in and was the man of the hour. Everyone had to stop and say hello and ask how his weekend was – even my own mom!! Of course, I introduced myself and well, one thing led to another. Going through the summer together working and eventually the rest of the year! He asked me out a month after meeting each other in Niagara Falls right before I went back to university.

how they asked

I own a wedding planning company and have always dreamed of every aspect of my proposal, engagement party, bridal shower, & wedding in EVERY specific detail. However, Randall went above & beyond. On Christmas Eve we attended my Uncle’s Christmas party for the year with 26 family members. It was a great time and everyone was being super weird around me… I had a feeling something was up but my cousin, Natasha, convinced me otherwise. As the night ended Randall and I began to drive home to my parents’ house.

Christmas Eve the GTA in Canada was hit with a GIANT snow storm. Of course, Randall insisted on taking the longest route possible home because he wanted a coffee. He even made me get out of the car so I could record him doing “doughnuts” in the parking lot. Needless to say, I was cold and annoyed and just wanted to go home to spend Christmas with my family. As I went into the house there was no one to be seen.

As I entered the living room I noticed the backyard door open and candles leading the way. As I peeked my head out I saw all of Randall’s family and my family standing there. Everyone was cheering and crying – my sister had on my favorite love song (Thousand Years – Christina Perri). Randall, Natasha, & my sisters had created a Christmas Market in my backyard. Twinkle lights lit up my backyard with a wood burning fire, & hot chocolate galore.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

They had all gone above & beyond. As I followed the path of candles I saw Randall on one knee in front of a sign that said: “MARRY ME?”. I cried, he cried, and our family cried. It was absolutely beautiful and more than I could have ever dreamed of!