Sloan and Eric

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How We Met

I was moving into NYC after recently graduating from college to live with my best friend from my hometown, Maddie, and a mutual friend from the town over, Natalie – who asked me to buy furniture with her for our new apartment. But when it came time to meet up on the day we planned to go furniture shopping, I was having fun with my friends and reluctant to meet up with her. Finally she convinced me to go and I met her where she was having brunch with two guys she was close with from her hometown – one of them was my future husband, Eric. Not 5 minutes passed before Eric had texted the two of them asking if I was single and then asked across the table for my number. After, the three of them told me about a wedding party the boys were going to be part of that summer, where Eric would be the best man and I had this flash come across my mind of me at the wedding with Eric – clearly I was just dreaming, but this would eventually come true!

Natalie and I parted ways with the boys and Eric texted me the next day asked me on a date at one of NYC’s top restaurants at the time ( Eric is a chef so little did I know this was the very start of our life full of fine dining and home cooked meals to perfection!) and I was clearly impressed. Over dinner Eric and I learned how compatible we were together and with a goodbye kiss we sealed the deal! The next day I saw tickets had gone on sale for a concert I wanted to go to that following week and felt the urge to buy tickets for Eric and myself, then let him know after the fact. He couldn’t have been more impressed and flattered. He picked me up from work and we went to the concert together, where I proceeded to fall asleep on him while we were dancing. Apparently this didn’t make him run for the hills, or shall I say for his apartment, somehow it made him stay with me forever! Soon after he would meet all my friends and family and they too would fall in love with him.

how they asked

Eric and I had been planning a trip to Peru for over 16 months. Throughout our relationship we had worked together to eat as some of the world’s top restaurants so when we looked into choosing a destination for a future big trip we chose Peru for its incredible food and Lima’s slew of award-winning restaurants by world-renowned chefs that we follow. After much planning, we finally arrived in Lima and Eric was incredibly nervous, but I confused it with excitement because I had no idea what was coming. The one restaurant that Eric and I truly planned our entire trip around is called Central. There is a docu-series on Netflix called, Chef’s Table, and the newest season happened to be released the day after we arrived in Peru and included an episode on Chef Virgilio Martinez of the restaurant Central. The night before Eric proposed we watched this episode and at the climax of the story-line Chef Martinez goes to the Incan agricultural center for study, Moray, where he discovers his new culinary theme for Central and goes on to become the fourth best restaurant in the world.

Eric was always planning on proposing while we were visiting Moray, but I, of course, had not a clue, but was anxiously awaiting our visit to Moray after watching the Chef’s Table episode. The whole next day Eric and I would ask our tour guide when we would be going to Moray – excited for two different reasons. Finally when we were on our way, I asked Eric if he was excited and he seemed preoccupied. Apparently moments after that, while we was sitting next to me and I was staring out the window, he transferred the ring from its box in his backpack to his pocket. We got out of the van and walked around the site listening to our tour guide explain the history. Moray is generally made up of circular descending levels and Eric and I both wanted to know if we would climb into one of them. When the time finally came for us to climb down into the bottom most circle our tour guide asked if we wanted a picture – I excitedly said yes and got into position.

But not Eric, instead he turned to me and starting talking, ” Sloan, you did so much for this trip so I wanted to do something special as well…”, but I didn’t understand what was happening and thought he was playing a trick on me. He slipped his hand into his pocket and I didn’t see a ring come out, “come on Eric, stop playing games.” He got down on one knee, yet still I was in disbelief, and then out came the ring!

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I slapped my hands to my face and took a closer look, “for real?! You’re serious?!”, I asked, “yes!”, he pushed, and I yelled “yes, of course I will marry you!”. I put the ring on and jumped up, “we’re getting married!”.

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