Sladja and Luka

How We Met

We met at high school. We were classmates for 4 years. But the love started at 4th year. I’ve asked her to be my date on prom, she accepted, and ever since that moment I had strong sympathies for her. On her 18th birthday, she invited me and few of my friends to celebrate with her, and at some point we had a dance. I think that’s when she realized she likes me too. It wasn’t long after that – we started dating (7th of March 2012.).

how they asked

So my New Year resolution was to marry her :) Ever since 4th of January, I planned the proposal with few friends that are professional actors in Montenegrin National Theater (CNP). We both love theater, so I asked producer of this national theater: “Did anyone propose during your plays”? When they told me that no one did, I decided-that’s what I want to do. They told me they have perfect moment for it. On 30th of January, they’re playing “The Tempest”, by Shakespeare. During that play, the main role – Prospero, stops the play – to show the point of the play, which is “Theater within theater”. But this time it was different. We were sitting in the first row. He turned to me and said “Young man, do you know what time it is?”. As soon as I answered, he asked me to go up on stage. I went up there with loud applause, I think audience already understood what’s about to happen. As I went up there, I saw her confused face, she had no idea what is going on. After a few words, he asked me am I alone, and when I answered I’m with her – he called her up on stage too. At that moment, she blushed, but stood up and got up on stage. They exchanged few words, and I did it. She took a step behind, clearly shocked. Of course, she said yes. The audience was clapping all the time. Two of us will always remember the last sentence that Prospero said before he invited me to stage: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and out little life is rounded with a sleep”

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