Skyelar and Nicholas

How We Met

Nicholas and I met in Geometry class in 2007 when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore in high school. We had mutual friends in high school and became best friends through them. Fast forward to my senior year of high school in 2009-2010 and Nick’s junior year he kissed me at a Halloween party. I played the “I’m a senior I’m not going to date anyone card” until Summer of 2010. I had just graduated and neither of us could deny how much we cared for each other. If you ask him he tells everyone he chased me for 3 years in high school until I agreed to date him.. I went off to college two hours away from our hometown of Wichita, KS.

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Skyelar's Proposal in Lawrence, Ks

My freshman year of college Nick came up as much as he could and I traveled back home to visit him. As I started my sophomore year of college Nick moved states away to Arizona to play soccer his freshman year. We struggled that entire year to find a balance of loving each other and not letting the distance change things. His freshman year went by quicker than we both imagined and he transferred to The University of Kansas where I was in school. Since then we’ve lived together for almost 4 years, have 2 fur babies (a border collie & Australian Shepard) I graduated college with a BSN and am a Registered Nurse for a Plastic Surgeon in Lawrence. Nick is in his second year at Washburn Law School and getting a Masters of Accounting Degree as well.

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how they asked

On Friday, February 16th, 2018 we had dinner reservations at a local restaurant on Mass St in Lawrence, Ks. After dinner Nick mentioned how some of our best friends David and Rachel wanted to meet for drinks at Eldridge Hotel on Mass St. As we were walking to the hotel, I jokingly pointed to a sign for a Fortune Teller and asked: “hey want to pop in there real quick?.” Nick smiled and replied, “No, you don’t know what’s about to happen but I do.” Not even 50 steps after his comment I casually saw our friend David hiding behind a corner in front of the Eldridge Hotel. I started to open my mouth to say something and Nick asked me to hold his hands. He then grabbed my hands and turned me around got on one knee and said the most beautiful things ever. In those words, he asked me to marry him. Through tears and shaking, I said “YES.”

He then asked if I was going to take the ring and I replied with “you’re supposed to put it on my finger!” We went to the hotel to have drinks with David and Rachel. I began calling my parents and grandparents to tell them the news as they live in Wichita. Nick then sent David and Rachel to grab a table at another restaurant so we could get dessert and continue to celebrate. We arrived at Free State Brewery and Nick said they were upstairs at a table. As I walked up the stairs and into a room I realized 20+ of our closest friends were standing there waiting to celebrate our engagement. Cue the waterworks again.