Skye and Kyle

Image 1 of Skye and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met at our performing arts high school and were just friends up until senior year. We were always interested in each other and Kyle even asked me out freshman year, but I wasn’t ready at the time. Then senior year I asked HIM on our first date to see a production of Sweeney Todd. From there our romance blossomed. We’ve been through many ups and downs together – long distance was especially hard, but our friendship gave us a great foundation to get through it all. Kyle is truly my best friend and partner. I couldn’t ask for anyone better in a fiance.

how they asked

Kyle brought me to Lincoln Center under the guise that we were going on date night and to meet him there before heading to the restaurant. I got dressed up and was excited for date night! We’re both busy and having time for dates is important to us, but not always possible, so it was a special occasion. I had a feeling that Kyle might propose that night, but I told myself that I was getting too excited and that I needed to not get ahead of myself. When we met up in the plaza of Lincoln Center, Kyle asked if I wanted to walk around, see the fountain and enjoy the (unusually) warm weather.

I followed him to the fountain where he asked if I wanted to make a wish. Now I knew something was up! He asked me what my wish was and I told him that I didn’t know. He said, “Do you want to know my wish?” and he got down on one knee and said his wish was to marry me. I immediately cried and said yes! I was so overjoyed and excited. The moment was perfect and special and better than I could have dreamed. He even hired a photographer (that I didn’t even notice until after the proposal) to capture the moment.