Nicole and Mark | Skydiving Marriage Proposal

How We Met: I always said I would never meet a good guy at any kind of bar, club or lounge. Well that got debunked… I was out with my sister Monica for a long overdue girls night and just trying to enjoy ourselves. When all of the sudden while taking photos, a random drunk fellow came stumbling over. It wasn’t Mark, but it was actually one of his friends.

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I was so annoyed I just avoided anyone that was with this drunk guy who kept getting in our photos. So I actually never met Mark that night, but he did remember me. After my sister got Mark’s friends number, the next day Mark’s friend asked my sister, “who was the tall girl in the blue dress?”. It was because Mark was asking. So after one horrible first double date and four years later, the rest was history from there and we have been inseparable since.

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how they asked: It was always on my bucket list to go skydiving and I kept telling Mark over the years how I would love to knock that off the good old list. We had went to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday, on the day of my birthday he surprised me with the gift I always wanted to go skydiving together. I was so excited and so happy about my gift but at the same time so terrified.

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The week leading up to the big jump, was very exciting and yet so many nerves at the same time. Since the location we were going to be doing the jump was right outside of Philadelphia, I thought hey why not make a weekend of it and stay in philly and have a little romantic weekend. (Which I think really helped with the planning.) All this time not knowing he was preparing all the details for the big day, I was clearly clueless. That whole week Mark had his plan all ready and I didn’t even know. Mark had went to the Freefall Adventures Skydiving facility and had talked to the owner and told her his plan and she was in. So then came the big day, I was so terrified but really pumped at the same time and especially since Mark would be jumping with me I was a lot more relaxed and happy. Even though when we both looked at each other all we kept thinking through our eyes was “what are we doing”. I had to slip away for a little to go change before our big jump, which gave Mark the opportunity to speak with the girls helping us sign away our lives. He mentioned to them that he had spoken to the owner but didn’t see her there and told them his plan. He handed the girls the ring and the girls got the plan in motion with our instructors. All this time I had no idea of what was going on. Then it was time to head up, Mark added on a video package for me so that I could always watch my skydiving experience which I loved. I got to say a few final words for my videographer and off we were. At this point my instructor, mark’s instructor and my videographer knew about the big proposal.

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Here we were no backing out now, my funny instructors name was actually pancake that isn’t scary or anything. That plane ride up felt like the longest plan ride ever. My heart was racing so fast and I was just ready to jump, all the waiting around was making me more anxious.

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Mark was first to jump, but I didn’t think anything of that. I really loved the shot of Mark over the landscape pretty amazing. I was so proud of him.

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Then was my turn, I never have felt such a rush of adrenaline in my whole entire life it was so amazing. This was literally one of the best experiences of my life or so I thought it would be. Then the 10,000 feet pull to open our parachute came and went, our instructors give us the opportunity to pull it but with everything going on I totally forgot. No worries I landed just fine.

Mark of course was the first to land and while I was still descending I realized that my videographer/photographer was no longer with me. Which I was a little upset about because I wanted more pictures of me falling, but my instructor said he wanted to get pictures of me landing which is a great shot. So of course I bought it.

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Yay, I landed, that was the best feeling ever and with all the adrenaline still running through my body and then seeing Mark safe. I felt so good and so happy that we both landed and were both fine. Then all of the sudden in the corner of my eye I saw a small white box and just couldn’t hold back from there, I knew exactly what was going to happen. The emotions and tears just came pouring down, I barely could keep it together. He got down on one knee and said his speech and I said yes big hair and all.

This has to be my favorite picture captured from the day:

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This was the best day of my life, my best friend, my partner, the love of my life asked me to be his wife. After all the years together, all the ups and downs, all the good times and bad, bubz and sunshine are finally saying I DO.

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