Sky Diving Marriage Proposal

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How We Met: Tim and I both work at Children’s Hospital Central California as pediatric oncology nurses and this is where our love story began just over a year ago!

how they asked: how they asked was pretty breath taking….literally! A few months ago Tim had told me for his birthday he wanted to go skydiving. I hesitantly agreed thinking that maybe he would just forget that he asked or had this crazy desire!

Next thing I knew August came and he told me our trip to sky dive was booked for September 14th, just six days after his 27th birthday. I again was extremely hesitant asking him what were you thinking I didn’t really think we were doing this!!! But a few other people from work had agreed to ago, so I just went along with it hoping that day was farther away than it was! Before I knew it, his birthday came and went and it was time to go to Santa Cruz to jump out of a plane. I was pretty silent the entire way there because the nerves were getting the best of me and my belly! We met our friends for lunch that were also doing this life threatening thing and then away we went to the hanger to suit up for the ride!

Despite my fears I chose to let him take us to the higher altitude to jump which was 14,000 feet up! Seemed like we were sitting there for hours watching this video on repeat about the dangers of jumping and giving me more and more time to back out. All of our friends went and we were last to go. We got in the plane that seemed more dangerous than the jump itself, and away we went! The fear would come and go, but it came and stayed when that door flew open for us to jump! Tim told me he loved me and away he went, that’s when the tears started and I told my tandem jumper/trainer I did not want to jump! There was no way I was jumping, I couldn’t. He reassured me, however, and carried me right out of the plane (there was no way I was making my own movement towards that door).

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The rush of the fall, 120MPH free fall, seeing the earth come closer and closer by the second, it was all a feeling I cannot explain. A must do! I remember once my parachute was open I looked down and saw another parachute and asked Mikey (my tandem) if that was Tim, he responded with “yes, he is safe!” That helped me breath a little easier!

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As the earth grew near I began to see all of these little people that looked like ants from that far up…I just thought it was my friends waiting for me to land. As it came closer I noticed Tim, because he was in the great blue jumpsuit I was in, and a little munchkin on each side, this is when I knew something was going on. I landed perfectly as they were walking right up towards me. I am not sure how I even disconnected from my tandem Mikey, he was amazing. Tim was down on one knee with one of the little ones on one side with a shirt that read “will you marry us?” and on the other side our other munchkin reading “will you be our step mom?”

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This is when the tears started to flow. I grabbed those little ones up and poor Tim was left there on his knee with the ring for a minute. I did not realize I was doing this! I did say “YES” and he was eventually able to put the ring on my shaky hands. The sky dive crew had told me landing is the hardest part….well for me it was by far the best part! Tim made the proposal everything I could have dreamed and more! The two little ones are our world and having them be a part of all of this was more than special. I am not sure how he thought of all of this or pulled it off but it was the best day of my life that is for sure!

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