Sirima and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New England Aquarium

How We Met

Ryan and I met in the Spring of 2018 when he was in San Antonio for ER Nurse training with the military. At the time, I worked at the research facility next door to the hospital. On our first date, I commented on his accent (He’s from Massachusetts), yet he still liked me enough to invite me for pizza. After a few weeks of getting to know each other, I fell so hard for him, hoping he felt the same. It was a tricky situation though because Ryan was headed to Hawaii, and we were both unsure about doing a long-distance relationship. However, we kept in touch over the summer, and I flew out to see him just a couple months later. Since then, we’ve committed to a long-distance relationship and grow stronger everyday.

How They Asked

Ryan and I were in Massachusetts visiting his family. He had planned a trip to the aquarium on that Monday, so I was stoked to go. We get there and check out a few of the tanks, then we stop at this window to look at a sea turtle under the coral. A few minutes go by and the sea turtle still didn’t budge so I asked him if he was ready to move on and he said to “give it five more minutes”. Suddenly a scuba diver comes out of nowhere and begins to feed the fish. Of course, I think AWESOME we made feeding time, but little did I know that Ryan had this entire thing planned. I watched this guy feed the fish, then he pulls out the sign that says “Sirima, will you marry me?”, and I immediately begin to hyperventilate and cry. I turned to Ryan already down on one knee and said yes to forever ?

Sirima's Proposal in New England Aquarium

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