Siria and Lawson

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How We Met

Lawson and I were in our junior year of high school when we met. He went to an all boys military catholic private school and I went to a private school. We met around January 2013 and started dating on May 4th. After asking me for a second time to be his girlfriend I said yes on May 4th. Since high school our relationship has always been long distance but we have been able to manage it. We both decided to attend different colleges, each 6 hours away from one another. Summer of our high school graduation he gave me the promise ring. Promising me to fight for our relationship during college and to always love me.

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Freshman year of college was yet the hardest year for our relationship. Lawson goes to a military college and there freshman year, known as “knob year”, is the worst one. They go through so much pain and almost have no time to go out from the school. And when the knobs go out they are so tired that all they want to do is take a nap and eat. During his knob year I was always there for him helping him to go through it every day little by little. He always reminds me of how thankful he is that I stayed with him during those hard times. We both are now juniors in college and we’re now engaged.

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how they asked

For several weeks we had planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day several days before because he goes to a military college and cannot leave school during the week. I had no idea that on our way to dinner we would stop to walk on Charleston’s historic battery. We walked for a while and talked about the history of what happened there in Charleston Harbor, looking across the chopping blue wake and clear blue sky. Finally, at the point I turned around to him on one knee! The sweetest words to my ears: “Will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

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Special Thanks

Riley Claremont
 | Photographer