Sirena and Daniel

Proposal Ideas Georgetown University Healy Hall

How We Met

Dan and I met during an orientation event for the business school in July 2016. The event was held at a dive bar in Washington DC, and we bonded quickly over how we were one of few in our class of 270 students who moved from Los Angeles. We spent the evening buying each other $6 Moscow Mules in plastic cups. We quickly became best friends, as I had a long distance boyfriend. After a few months into our first year, things with my boyfriend didn’t work out, and Dan finally had the courage to tell me how he felt about me. We dated for the rest of business school and moved to NYC together after graduating with our MBAs in May 2018.

Sirena's Proposal in Georgetown University Healy Hall

How They Asked

I am notorious for foiling Dan’s surprises because, well, I’m nosy. To throw me off his scent, Dan sent me a calendar invite for a ‘Valentine’s Day Surprise’ that would last all day on Saturday, February 16th, 2019. On a Friday evening before, Dan and I had plans to go to dinner with a girlfriend. I arrived at the restaurant to find my girlfriend and a note on my plate, telling me that I needed to be at Penn Station the next morning at 8:30 AM. My girlfriend proceeded to hand me a box and another note that I was not to open until I got to the station. That night, I slept at the apartment alone with Dan and our dog, Georgie, nowhere to be found. The next morning, I arrived at the train station, opened the next note, and found a train ticket from NYC -> DC.

On the train, I opened the package and put together the first of what would be, several puzzles. The puzzle was a photo of our favorite sandwich spot in Georgetown around the corner of Dan’s old apartment in business school. When I arrived at the sandwich shop, I was given a sandwich and my next puzzle. My girlfriend from business school, Erin, also surprised me for lunch and was going to take me on the rest of the day’s adventure. The second puzzle was a photo of the place where we first met and had those Moscow Mules.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Georgetown University Healy Hall

At the bar, Erin gave me the third puzzle, which turned out to be the front steps of Healy Hall at Georgetown University. After a couple of cocktails, Erin dropped me off at Georgetown and I proceeding to walk towards the front steps. On the steps, I found the last puzzle with a single rose. After putting together the puzzle of a rose, I read the note, which read, “Will you accept this rose?” (Dan is way more into The Bachelor than I am). Shortly after, he came out from around the building with a dozen roses and our dog, Georgie. A few minutes later, he popped the question!

Special Thanks

Nicole Zamalin
 | Photographer