Sippy and Ronnie

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How We Met

Ronnie and I met in 2011 in Astoria, NY, through my cousin who is dating his best friend. In the summer of 2011 is when we really became closer friends – I remember the first conversation we had was about house music and who knew the better DJ with the hottest tracks. After celebrating Halloween together at our favorite lounge in Astoria, Ronnie got the courage to ask for my number and took me out on our first date a few weeks after. As I was getting ready for the date, I had butterflies in my stomach I have never felt before. I was texting one of my best friends before I left the house and confidently said, “This is the last first date I will ever go on”. She asked, “Are you kidding me? Why do you feel this way?”. My response was, “There’s something inside me telling me to never let him go”. Fast forward to 2016 and as we reminisce our relationship with our proposal on June 11, 2016 – we could not be happier. We are lucky enough to call one another a soul mate, a best friend, and the perfect piece to each other’s puzzle.

how they asked

I lost my mother to brain cancer in 2009. Her nickname was “Pinky’ – for when she was born my grandmother nicknamed her that for her pink rosey cheeks. My mother was my best friend, my backbone, my role model, and my guru. Ronnie has made sure to add color into my black and white world in ways I could not imagine as I wish for every second she could be here with me. He planned the engagement 3 months prior to popping the question. Even with being super nervous days leading up to the proposal, he made sure my nails and dress were pink so I would feel a connection to mom when he asked. He made sure my brother, who took me under his wing after my mom’s death gave us his blessings. We have a great family, the best of friends, and and even bigger team of people who love us. The proposal took place on a sailboat called the Nirvana – sailing from Mamaroneck, NY. He had our close family waiting for us at a restaurant. As soon as we docked, they came and greeted us with champagne, hugs, kisses, and cheers. We could not have asked for a more perfectly magical day to take the steps towards the next chapter of our lives. I hope mom is dancing in heaven with tears of joy.

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