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On August 29th, 2017 we finally went on a well deserved vacation to the beautiful island of Curaçao. We talked and dreamed about going to Curaçao to visit Sion’s parents’ country of heritage since the start of our relationship, which was almost 8,5 years ago. We love to travel, and usually I love to plan our activities during a trip.

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But this time Sion decided on arranging the whole trip. I wasn’t even allowed to look things up, so this whole trip was one big surprise From day to day Sion had planned out everything. I must say, I expected it to be a nice vacation, but it was above and beyond my imagination. He did an excellent job on planning every little detail.

Before we went on our vacation Sion asked me if there were things I really wanted to do during our trip. Since I didn’t look anything up, I was kind of clueless about what there was to experience. I told him that I always love to do something related to history, food and what local residents do. Regarding the food, we talked about going out for a luxurious dinner at a beautiful place with a view. So when Sion told me on Thursday that we were going out for a luxurious dinner on Sunday, I didn’t think anything of it.

On Sunday we spent the day at the beach, enjoying the sun, the sea, the palmtrees and a good book. We went back to the place where we stayed and got ready to go out for dinner. Since everything was one big surprise, Sion hadn’t told me where we were going out for dinner. We got into the car and Sion took me to this beautiful luxury resort with an amazing view. Little did I know what was about to happen… We were warmly welcomed by the staff at the resort. And off course, I had no clue that the entire staff was in on what came next. We were brought to the bar to have a drink. The guy at the bar welcomed us once again and asked us what we wanted to drink. While he prepared our drinks, he told us that it was a beautiful evening and that the resort had some nice spots and that we could take a walk if we’d like to and enjoy the amazing sunset. He pointed out some spots where we could sit down as well.

I was excited and in my excitement I asked him what the best spot was, since he worked there, I thought: “he probably knows best.” He started laughing and I didn’t understand why, so I asked him why he laughed. He said: “Well nobody ever asked me something like this before.” He pointed out one spot first, but than he pointed out this specific spot and told us that that spot would be the best spot. So he called his colleague to bring our drinks and point the way. And as we followed her to this specific spot, which was a small dock over the water where there were two chairs, I remember looking my eyes out because the scenery was just so breathtaking. And indeed, it was one of the most amazing sunsets I had ever seen.

As we sat there we talked and sipped our drinks. And off course we were taking pictures to capture our memory. I will never forget telling Sion at that specific moment: “This is the most amazing vacation ever, can it get any better than this?” When all of a sudden this man in a small fishing boat sailed towards us. I actually thought he was a bit crazy and possibly drunk. He was singing and speaking loudly. I looked at Sion and asked him if this man was allowed to come there since it was a private beach resort. Sion looked at me with a doubtful look, but I didn’t know he was playing the game along with the local fisherman. The fisherman came closer until the point he stepped out of the boat next to our dock and told us this story about how he had been fishing in the sea and that he hadn’t caught any fish. He also told us that even though he hadn’t caught any fish, he did find something else. He told us he found a package with my name written on it.

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At this point, Sion got out of his chair and walked towards the local fisherman. The fisherman said that he found a package with the name ‘Caroline’ written on it. We told him that that wasn’t my name. And at this point I really thought this man was crazy. But than he repeated that he had found a package with my name written on it. He gave the package to Sion. And Sion looked kind of surprised.

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I asked Sion: “Is my name really written on the package?” When Sion told me it really was, I also got up and walked towards them. Still not thinking anything other than that it was really weird, Sion asked me if we should open the package together. I shrugged my shoulders and said: “Ok, let’s do that.” Not knowing that in the next few seconds I would find flower petals and a ringbox in the package… I cried happy tears, because after thinking it couldn’t get any better, it actually did. Funny fact: After he proposed, there was actually a private dining arranged at the same beautiful place. So he kept his promise and we went our for a luxurious dinner.

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