Siomar and Cassio

how they asked

Siomar felt like it was time to take another important step in their relationship and decided to do a surprise proposal for his boyfriend in the city of love, Paris. He wanted to create a treasure hunt for Cassio and Siomar will wait for Cassio at the last destination to propose. With the help of Through The Glass Paris as organizer and photographer, we composed different games, challenges linked to their memories together. Each challenge was held in 1 beautiful location in Paris. The scenario was that a detective comes and tells Cassio that Siomar, his boyfriend has been kidnapped and was hidden in someplace around Paris.

The detective (actor) will help him find Siomar, and Cassio is the key to answer all the trails of clues left behind by the kidnapper. First, we started at the hotel Crowne Plaza Republique where we gave Cassio a quiz that contained questions like the first place he met Siomar, their favorite song together, Siomar’s drink, or the first time you guys talked, etc. If he answered right 3 times, then we would give him the clue for the next spot. Then we took him to Palais Royal in which he will find a lock that he’ll need a code to open it. The question to answer was: “When did you meet Siomar for the first time?” The response was 1101 (November 1st).

Casio quickly solved the challenge and opened the lockbox containing the next clue, which is a polyalphabetic substitution table. For the next location, it was at Alexandre III bridge that has a beautiful view over Eiffel tower. The game for this was a puzzle that when put together is the image of the two of them together. After successfully putting the puzzle together, he received a QR code, which Cassio will need to open using his phone. This gave a GPS coordinate to the Louvre with an encrypted riddle. Once he arrived at the Louvre museum, Cassio had to use the polyalphabetic substitution table given to him at Palais Royal in order to decrypt the text. This gave Cassio the GPS location of where Siomar will be waiting for him (the Tuileries Garden).

Upon arriving at the garden, the detective gave Cassio a hand-written letter by Siomar and at the end of this letter was the exact direction to the proposal spot. Cassio walked towards the proposal spot which started with a candle path, beautiful bouquets of lilies and Siomar waiting for him at the end, next to a board written: “Will you marry me”. Siomar kneeled down and popped the question. And of course, Cassio said “Yes!”.


Special Thanks

Through The Glass Paris
 | Photography
Tuan Nguyen Films
 | Cinema and Video
Wow Factory Paris
 | Design and Decor
 | Location