Siobhan and Wilson

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How We Met

Wilson and I first met in the spring of 2012. I began attending LuLuLemon’s Run Club and other yoga related events and Wilson worked at the store. Following our first time running together, he complemented my running. I attended the group the weeks to come, developing a bit of a crush on him. Of course, it was his job to be nice to everyone.

I worked at Beavertails Pastries at the time and every so often I would bring a treat along with me to the run for him and the other staff members to enjoy. He would always say, “thanks so much, I should take you out one day”. One Monday night after work we went out for a drink and we’ve been dating every since.

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how they asked

On the day that Wilson asked me to be his girlfriend, officially, we went to lunch at Play Food & Wine. Four years and a few weeks later, we were heading back to Ottawa (after moving for school and work) so that Wilson could complete his Firefighter Recruitment Exam. We left a day early, and he really wanted to return to Play Food & Wine for lunch.

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We woke up at 5 am that morning, and got dressed up, making the 5 hour car ride to make our lunch reservation at 12:30. After lunch he suggested we stop at Beavertails Pastries to bring a few to the LuLuLemon Rideau Centre Store just like old times! Little did I know that my good friend Stephanie was also there moments prior asking the staff at Beavertails to write “Yes” on the pastry in chocolate sauce.

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When we arrived at the store, everyone was excited to see us – Wilson, had sales associates distracting me while he made sure everything was set up for the proposal. I had found a few things in the store that I wanted to try on. I made my way into the fitting rooms to find the mirror inside read “Siobhan, I have a question to ask you”

I came out of the change room to my good friend Stephanie, a photographer Rob Little (who had been following us since lunch!) and Wilson. He had nervously stuttered through his words telling me how much he loved me, how great our life together has been, and wonderful the last two years had been – I corrected him with “its been four years” as he got down on one knee, to ask me to marry him.

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I of course said “YES!” and everyone in the store cheered. And then I asked, “can I still try these on?”.

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Special Thanks

Rob Little
 | Photographer